Mohan, an art teacher in a city college meets Sadanandan, an ordinary villager incidentally, and learning his aptitude in drawing, teaches him the nuances of modern methods of painting. Mohan buys the Paintings of Sadanandan -which were good enough than an amateur Painting- was beyond the expectations of Mohan. But, Sadanandan was totally unaware of the philistine attitude of Mohan who uses him for own benefit. Jalachhayam narrates about how Sadanandan survives the moment he knows, Mohan, a godfather-like figure to Sadanandan, was cheating him.


Baburaj Puthoor, music teacher in Mohan Sithara’s Music School and Dr. B Jayakrishnan, a famous ayurvedic doctor in Thrissur gave life to the characters Sadanandan and Mohan respectively. The characters of Mohan’s wife Geetha and his daughter have been given life by dancer Prasanna Balan and baby Nimisha and Sadanandan’s children Chinju and Kannan are baby Lakshmi and master Navin Krishna. Film actor Kripa gave a guest appearance in this film and other leading actors are theatre actor Chitramohan, Prof. K B Unnithan, N P K Krishnan, Das Anjery, Saju Pulikkottil, N.K Saseedharan and Rukhia Kechery.


Jalachhayam was produced and directed by Sathish Kalathil under the banner of The Peoples’ Films. Story-Screenplay-Dialogues were by Sujith aalungal, and Pramod Vadakara filmed Jalachhayam. A mesmerizing solo song in this film has to play a major part in the climax of this film and Unnikumar gave music to Sidharthan Puranattukara’s lyrics, for which Baburaj Puthur rendered his magical voice. Chief Associate Director of this film is Bhasi pangil in which Make-up was done by Production Controller Saju Pulikkottil, Costumes by Ajeesh M Vijayan, Art by Surya and Sound Recorded by Sujesh Shankar. Sound Mixing and BGM had been done by Adv.P K Sajeev.


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